I love the Dallas Bath House!

This weekend I will be showing at the Dallas Bath House and this morning I had a knock on my door from one of the neighborhood kids with a hand written invitation to the opening. It turns out that a lovely young lady that lives on my street will have a piece in the back room where they often hang artwork by the kids in our local community. So not only am I thrilled to be in a show that is connected with famous artist John Kingerlee,  I am equally delighted to be showing with Isabella, my young neighbor. I can not wait to see the painting she did of the lake.

The Dallas Bath House is located on the shores of White Rock Lake and I have shown there a few times. They are tremendously supportive of local artists. I am very grateful for their support and to be connected with such a terrific organization. Please come out and see the shows this weekend:
Saturday from 7-9 and the show runs until April 13th.
521 E. Lawther Drive
Dallas TX 75218

“Balancing The Distance Between Us”
11 x 14 Mixed Media Mosaic
© rebecca collins

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