Valentines Sale On Pet Portraits

I am having a 50% off sale over on my commercial portrait site at I am just a little shy of reaching my sales goals there for the month so I figured why not hold a Valentines sale. It ends in just 4 days … so check it out!

The theme is red!  This is the first of many non-proofing sales I will hold this year within a color theme.  It is perfect for folks that are on a tight budget and are willing to let me off-leash creatively to just do my thing and then ship.
Creating a proofing page of 14 different colorful options is a lot of fun, time-consuming, but fun. And then tweaking those offerings per client whims and preferences is also a lot of fun( time-consuming, but fun )….  but sometimes, well sometimes it is sort of nice to just do my very best work and then ship it out.  And so the non-proofing sale is a time saver and it allows me some creative space to have fun and do my best work.

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