Robots, Robots Oh My!

The robot art is tarting to stack up around here. I picked up some of my finished ceramic robot heads from school the other day and I realized that I have got to find a gallery next year. The image above represents only about a quarter of the robot related artwork I have created in the last 24 months. There are more mosaics, more digital paintings and even more ceramic pieces.

I had thought about  maybe trying to have a studio sale this fall, but the more I see the work together the more I want to see it in a gallery setting.  I have started on a new mosaic that is going to combine my ceramic work with my mixed media mosaics. Things are shifting and changing, but the theme of technology is staying true for me.I really am not sure how the ceramic will combine with what I have been doing with glass and collage, but I am ready to give it a try.

So, finding a gallery? How do you go about finding one that you want to be in and then when you find it how to approach them? How do you know when you have a body of work that is ready for the gallery world? Should I work hard to find someone that will represent me full time, or just be happy with a show that goes up and then comes down? Lots of work to do on the marketing side of life.

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