Currently I am teaching Photoshop and the use of the Wacom ® drawing tablet in my home studio with private lessons available at a rate of $150 for a 2 hour session. For students that want on-going instruction lower rates and time schedules can be worked out after an initial 2 hour class meeting. To schedule a class just call me at 214-321-1150. I am in East Dallas and usually schedule classes during the week for either afternoon or evening hours.

I will be offering a 2 day Photoshop workshop at the Dallas Creative arts Center October 19th and 20th. This class will be limited to 6 students. I will post the link soon once the fall schedule is on-line, or you can call the school to register at (214) 320-1275.



I also teach Mosaics at the Creative Arts Center in Dallas on Thursday nights. My next mosaic classes will start up in early 2014.

In the mosaic class we will focus on integrating paper collage elements into mosaic works created from stained glass, porcelain tile, china, and found objects. You will be encouraged to combine a wide range of materials from traditional smalti to rusted metal washers, nothing will be off-limits! In addition, you will also learn to combine approaches and materials from different art disciplines to start thinking outside the box with your mosaic work. Everyone should bring a sketchbook and an open mind to the first class period. This course is ideal for both beginners and experienced mosaic artists as well as collage artists and painters!