Red Tail Hawks and Other Totems

Today I found a red tail hawk feather on my walk. I think if I were to choose an animal Totem it would be the hawk for sure. I think the red tail hawk is just a stunning bird. Reading on-line I discovered that:

The Hawk is the messenger, the protector and the visionary of the Air.

It holds the key to higher levels of consciousness.

This totem awakens vision and inspires a creative life purpose.

Of course I like that last line best. I often feel I know my life purpose … making art. Still as an artist I find myself fracturing my time into so many diverse  creative areas … my full-time pet portrait business, my mosaics, ceramics, and of course now I have added teaching into that mix.

I believe that all good artists have more ideas than time, and so “focus” will always be a challenge.

(above) My Mantle with bud vase for feathers that I find on my morning walks.

Today I need to proof one Art Paw doggy client, then go buy glazes for tonight’s ceramic class. I am glazing a few dozen Robot heads that I plan to sell at an upcoming garden tour event in May. I am calling some of these smaller Robot heads “Pinch Pot Bots“!  I just love that. They are very organic looking to be robots with their funky horns and all, but I do see them as robot creatures.

At the community college where I take ceramics they have a photo both in the back room. Last weekend I took my most recent finished mosaic in to shoot. I really love the set up they have. The Spare Part Robot Totem is the first in a really large mosaic series that I plan to do. It is my first project that combines my ceramics with the glass mosaic work.

© rebecca collins ” Spare Part Robot Totem”
12 x 36
mixed media mosaic

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