New Mosaic Project

A Mountain By The Ocean, A Man and A Woman

Today I am doing the design work and board prep for a new mosaic.  I was invited earlier this year to take part in an upcoming show at the Dallas Bath House in March. The theme of the show was inspired by The real life story of artist John Kingerlee. “A Mountain by the Ocean, a Man and a Woman,” will explore the vast and complex aspects of the interaction of a man and a woman within a setting of seclusion near the
mountains and the sea. The show is not specifically about the Kingerlees, even though the initial inspiration for the show came from their lifestyle. The artists taking part have been asked to imagine their own characters, scenarios, themes, situations, or concepts for their creations—as long as the four elements described in the title of the show are included in the art.

For me I knew immediately how the work could become personal and the ideas for this project have been germinating for a couple of months now.  My story is about a man with a lust for travel and his partner that would rather be sitting on a beach watching the waves roll in. The larger hand is of course is his and it is a topographical map of a mountain area, which mountain is not important since it is more a symbol for his strength and his desire to travel while he can. The smaller hand is hers and it represents the ocean. The stamps in the top right corner are old stamps from Japan, and they speak to their former life together in another time and place.  My husband and I have always loved antique stamps and when I saw that Mr. Kingerlee has used them in collage work of his own, I knew I had to incorporate a few into this project.

The hands will be cut in whole pieces with a wet saw. I have some really wonderful very light amber glass with a bumpy wavy texture that really looks like water and it will go on the smaller hand. Not sure yet how I will treat the background in terms of glass & tess.  I have always loved old maps and have a couple of other mosaic projects that have incorporated them.


I love this theme, it seems very poetic.



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