Zane Gort Robot

This is Zane Gort, a robot author from Fritz Leiber’s 1958 Sci Fi story “The Silver Egg Heads”. I have not read it yet, but have it on  my list. I am randomly looking up famous robots to name my digital doodles after and in the process I am discovering a  treasure trove of movies and books that I need to experience. This post is for Dan because in his way he encouraged me to get my robot a day doodle done today.  This guy is a digital sketch created from an ATC trading card I did last year.

If you want to know more about the original Zane Gort and “The Silver Eggheads” then here is one reader’s book review from Amazon: “In a far-fetched, far-flung future, humans have begun relegating themselves to mere keepers of the machine, and no one feels it more keenly than the ‘authors,’ who take credit for the wordwooze written by computer ‘wordmills.’ An author’s revolt smashes the wordmills, and the hapless authors find themselves attempting to actually write. Realizing they can’t do it, the attempt to enlist the help of the Silver Eggheads, an artist’s colony of disembodied brains. We robots find this a groundbreaking novel as it was the first to seriously suggest robots with gender and sex lives, as well as their own literature and culture, and in fact we consider St Fritz one of our greatest heroes and Zane Gort, the robot author, one of his greatest characters.” From amazon reviewer: Pantagruel


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