Trying to create a robot per day this month. This guy is called “clown-bot” and I imagine that he hides in your closet at night and rearranges your clothes so that you can’t find your favorite shirt when you need it.

The image to the left is my original clay head that I made in ceramics class, and the colorful version to the right was created from that photograph in Photoshop with a wacom drawing tablet. I really enjoy taking something clunky and wonderful made by hand and then bringing it to the computer to play further with the drawing tablet. Some of my best pals from Art school really do not get the digital work at all, they some how think it is easy or even worse “cheating” to use Photoshop. Of course they are over 40 and a little attached to the old ways of working. I tell myself there is a whole new generation of artists out there that do indeed get digital art and some day everyone will be swimming between traditional media and digital with ease.

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