Stereo Mike The Robot

This bot-guy is named after a friend of Dan’s that loves old stereos. I did some screen capture video while working on this one and hope to upload a process movie later this month on this. These recent robots have started out from creative commons images of vintage machines, and parts.

“Celeritas” a Robot Sketch

This guy is named Celeritas, Latin for “swiftness”. The 3 images I used to create him are a light meter, vacume tube and wheel castor. My fellow Celeritas has no arms, when traveling at the speed of light you really need no other special ability as a robot, speed is your special power. I created …

Circuit Boy

Today’s digital sketch is based off of a glass sketch I did last year. I used the wet saw to cut shapes for a robot mosaic … that mosaic has still not been started, but maybe very soon. I really love these shapes. To the right is the photo I took of that glass sketch. …


This guy was created from photographs of vintage things, gears, button panel, rulers, hooks and so on. I really like this one and worked on him for  little over an hour. He might be nice printed out on to canvas, maybe a 10 x 10. …we shall see.

Chip & Rover Sketch

I really need to get back to my work on Chip the 3-d robot. Today in an attempt to get reinvigorated on this project I went ahead and sketched out his little dog pal Rover, maybe the dog should be named McRover since I want him to be a mechanical looking Scottie-Bot. I will get …

Clay Head #2

This is another quick digital doodle that started from a clay piece. I am spending about 30 to 45 minutes on these guys and they are a great way to experiment with filters and drawing combined. I think I will start creating a few affordable prints for Etsy soon.

Helen O’ Loy

I have done many mosaic robots in the last couple of years and most of them are male. There is something about robots that just scream 13 year old boy to me and so many of my bots are fellows. I have created a few females and they usually have some sort of eyes lashes …

Zane Gort Robot

This is Zane Gort, a robot author from Fritz Leiber’s 1958 Sci Fi story “The Silver Egg Heads”. I have not read it yet, but have it on  my list. I am randomly looking up famous robots to name my digital doodles after and in the process I am discovering a  treasure trove of movies …

Wolfie … a Found – bot

Found this guy on my dog walk tonight. Not a drawing ….  just a found piece of hardware that looks like a robot to me … I think he looks like a wolf-bot. He will end up in a mosaic some day I am sure.  

Last minute bot

Yipes, it is 5 minutes till midnight and I have not posted yet. So much for Bot-a-day. This is hard. Ok 4 minutes to spare here you go …. a very quick doodle. Not my best.

Wizard -Bot

The wizard-bot is special robot guy that can change time and matter with the simple wave of his wand. Once a top secret project by the military machine, he now spends his days doing magic tricks for toddlers.