Red Tail Hawks and Other Totems

Today I found a red tail hawk feather on my walk. I think if I were to choose an animal Totem it would be the hawk for sure. I think the red tail hawk is just a stunning bird. Reading on-line I discovered that: The Hawk is the messenger, the protector and the visionary of the …


I love the Dallas Bath House!

This weekend I will be showing at the Dallas Bath House and this morning I had a knock on my door from one of the neighborhood kids with a hand written invitation to the opening. It turns out that a lovely young lady that lives on my street will have a piece in the back …


New Mosaic Project

A Mountain By The Ocean, A Man and A Woman Today I am doing the design work and board prep for a new mosaic.  I was invited earlier this year to take part in an upcoming show at the Dallas Bath House in March. The theme of the show was inspired by The real life …


Spare Parts Robot Totem / WIP

This weekend I hope to get very close to finishing this fellow. He is the first mosaic I will have completed that combines my own ceramic work with mosaic. I am very excited about the direction he is heading. He will have lots of chunky bits on the surface. Sunday afternoon I will be holding …


Valentines Sale On Pet Portraits

I am having a 50% off sale over on my commercial portrait site at I am just a little shy of reaching my sales goals there for the month so I figured why not hold a Valentines sale. It ends in just 4 days … so check it out! The theme is red!  This …

Puttin' On The Ritz

Just added a Class Section!

I just added a class section to my website where I will post info about upcoming classes and workshops. I will be teaching mosaics at The Creative Arts Center in Dallas starting at the end of August. I have been self employed for so very long that I can not recall the last time I …


Perry The Doxie

Lots of pet portraits this week. Just proofed Perry the Doxie today. I am in one of those frantic spaces of trying to get ahead of my commissions and be totally caught up with work. It never really happens, but I can try.


WIP New mosaic

Well, my robot a day challenge has ended and now I have a handful of sketches to draw from in the future. One of those ideas has become a new design for a mosaic and here is the start of that new project. I want to send a special shout out and thanks to Alyice …


just do not have it in me …..

can not do one more robot sketch tonight.  Posting a found robot image from flickr…it is just a scale, but it looks like a robot. Unaltered found bot image …enjoy … or don’t. I am too tired to worry about it.


Cat The Robot

This robot gal is named after my sweet niece Catherine. The human Cat is funny, fashionable, and beautiful just like her Mom. I gave my robot a Prada handbag and the world in one hand, because even though sweet Cat does not know it right now she can indeed hold the world in her hand …


Wedgewood Robot

In looking for a good name for today’s bot I googled “famous accountants”, laughing at the same time because who really thinks about accountants being famous. I wanted to name him after an accountant because of his large chest panel of adding buttons. I discovered the following: Josiah Wedgewood. Yes, that Wedgewood, the famous potter—he …


Dr. Rudolph Robot

Presenting DR. Rudolph… his name taken from the lens that makes up his head. I created two versions of this guy. The first is pretty straight forward and the 2nd one is more abstract, created with the difference cloud filter. I could have worked on this fellow all night long, getting tired though. I may …