Cat The Robot

This robot gal is named after my sweet niece Catherine. The human Cat is funny, fashionable, and beautiful just like her Mom. I gave my robot a Prada handbag and the world in one hand, because even though sweet Cat does not know it right now she can indeed hold the world in her hand …


Wedgewood Robot

In looking for a good name for today’s bot I googled “famous accountants”, laughing at the same time because who really thinks about accountants being famous. I wanted to name him after an accountant because of his large chest panel of adding buttons. I discovered the following: Josiah Wedgewood. Yes, that Wedgewood, the famous potter—he …


Dr. Rudolph Robot

Presenting DR. Rudolph… his name taken from the lens that makes up his head. I created two versions of this guy. The first is pretty straight forward and the 2nd one is more abstract, created with the difference cloud filter. I could have worked on this fellow all night long, getting tired though. I may …


Stereo Mike The Robot

This bot-guy is named after a friend of Dan’s that loves old stereos. I did some screen capture video while working on this one and hope to upload a process movie later this month on this. These recent robots have started out from creative commons images of vintage machines, and parts.


“Celeritas” a Robot Sketch

This guy is named Celeritas, Latin for “swiftness”. The 3 images I used to create him are a light meter, vacume tube and wheel castor. My fellow Celeritas has no arms, when traveling at the speed of light you really need no other special ability as a robot, speed is your special power. I created …


Circuit Boy

Today’s digital sketch is based off of a glass sketch I did last year. I used the wet saw to cut shapes for a robot mosaic … that mosaic has still not been started, but maybe very soon. I really love these shapes. To the right is the photo I took of that glass sketch. …



This guy was created from photographs of vintage things, gears, button panel, rulers, hooks and so on. I really like this one and worked on him for  little over an hour. He might be nice printed out on to canvas, maybe a 10 x 10. …we shall see.


Chip & Rover Sketch

I really need to get back to my work on Chip the 3-d robot. Today in an attempt to get reinvigorated on this project I went ahead and sketched out his little dog pal Rover, maybe the dog should be named McRover since I want him to be a mechanical looking Scottie-Bot. I will get …


Clay Head #2

This is another quick digital doodle that started from a clay piece. I am spending about 30 to 45 minutes on these guys and they are a great way to experiment with filters and drawing combined. I think I will start creating a few affordable prints for Etsy soon.