Red Tail Hawks and Other Totems

Today I found a red tail hawk feather on my walk. I think if I were to choose an animal Totem it would be the hawk for sure. I think the red tail hawk is just a stunning bird. Reading on-line I discovered that: The Hawk is the messenger, the protector and the visionary of the …


I love the Dallas Bath House!

This weekend I will be showing at the Dallas Bath House and this morning I had a knock on my door from one of the neighborhood kids with a hand written invitation to the opening. It turns out that a lovely young lady that lives on my street will have a piece in the back …


New Mosaic Project

A Mountain By The Ocean, A Man and A Woman Today I am doing the design work and board prep for a new mosaic.  I was invited earlier this year to take part in an upcoming show at the Dallas Bath House in March. The theme of the show was inspired by The real life …


Spare Parts Robot Totem / WIP

This weekend I hope to get very close to finishing this fellow. He is the first mosaic I will have completed that combines my own ceramic work with mosaic. I am very excited about the direction he is heading. He will have lots of chunky bits on the surface. Sunday afternoon I will be holding …


Valentines Sale On Pet Portraits

I am having a 50% off sale over on my commercial portrait site at I am just a little shy of reaching my sales goals there for the month so I figured why not hold a Valentines sale. It ends in just 4 days … so check it out! The theme is red!  This …


Robots, Robots Oh My!

The robot art is tarting to stack up around here. I picked up some of my finished ceramic robot heads from school the other day and I realized that I have got to find a gallery next year. The image above represents only about a quarter of the robot related artwork I have created in …

Puttin' On The Ritz

Just added a Class Section!

I just added a class section to my website where I will post info about upcoming classes and workshops. I will be teaching mosaics at The Creative Arts Center in Dallas starting at the end of August. I have been self employed for so very long that I can not recall the last time I …


Perry The Doxie

Lots of pet portraits this week. Just proofed Perry the Doxie today. I am in one of those frantic spaces of trying to get ahead of my commissions and be totally caught up with work. It never really happens, but I can try.


WIP New mosaic

Well, my robot a day challenge has ended and now I have a handful of sketches to draw from in the future. One of those ideas has become a new design for a mosaic and here is the start of that new project. I want to send a special shout out and thanks to Alyice …


just do not have it in me …..

can not do one more robot sketch tonight.  Posting a found robot image from flickr…it is just a scale, but it looks like a robot. Unaltered found bot image …enjoy … or don’t. I am too tired to worry about it.